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Climbing a Ladder

We remove all leaves and debris from your roof, gutters, downpipes and valleys. This prevents your downpipes and gutters from becoming blocked and overflowing, causing damage to your home. It will also save your water and tank supply from becoming contaminated.

With high-powered blowers we clear residue leaves from the roof and valleys. We check and flush all downpipes until clear.

We remove any accumulated debris from around your home, leaving it exactly as we found it, as per our "no mess" policy.

We supply finished digital photos, so you can see what you've paid for.

We also go a step further and comment on any roof defects that are apparent during the cleaning process.


We are happy to provide the service of measuring, ordering and installing a high-grade aluminium gutter guard that will be colour matched to your roof.

This gutter guard will be ordered to match the specific needs of your home, depending on the quantity and type of tree's, surrounding wildlife & coastal elements.

Doing this will prolong and protect your home for longer, saving you time and money in the long run.

We order from the best, Screen Tech Gutter Guard Suppliers, who offer a 15 year warranty with all their high-grade aluminium gutter guard.

Solar Panels on Roof
Metal Rain Gutter

You may be losing out on solar energy simply because your solar panels need a clean!

You may have also noticed a lack of natural night, simply because your skylights need a clean!

While we're on your roof, we offer to clean your solar panels and skylights with a gentle solution, followed by a thorough rinse, which will leave them clean, crystal clear and sparkling on your roof.

On top of our specialised gutter cleaning, we are happy to locate and review any needed repairs to your gutters, valley's and roof.

Being experienced roofers gives us the capability of assessing the severity of any damages to your roof or gutters and advising how best to proceed.

If overhanging tree's, branches or plants are damaging your roof or gutters, we also offer basic tree trimming services for a small additional fee.

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